Can you believe it? April 29. That was my last blog post. I am ashamed to admit it, but I've been lax. That fact, however, should be quite obvious from the date of my last blog post.

So much has taken place since then. Too much to an extent. Good, bad, and otherwise. Perhaps we could substitute otherwise for ugly. Because when things are neither good nor bad, then they must be ugly. I believe Sergio Leone would agree.

Since then I've become a dog owner again. His name is Jack and he is a purebred Siberian Husky. He is just beautiful. Full of energy. Challenging. Sheds like crazy. Kind natured. And a true delight to own. His full name is Jack London Bass. My friend Sam said she figured a writer should have dog like Jack. I was thrilled to receive him.
Imagine my luck. I had only been in conversation at a party with some writer friends about getting another dog since Jasmine passed away last December. I told them I would prefer to get another Lab, but had always, even as a little kid, wanted a Husky. About three days later, I received a text from Sam with Jack's face. Of course I couldn't wait to meet him.

So far, so good.

Next, I recently accepted a new job as a creative writer for a home builder, although they also own a cooking school and a restaurant. The place is called MainStreet America, which some of you in Houston may know where that is. I'm surrounded by wonderful people who love their job and love people in general.

I also recently received the author copy of my new book, Fight, which will soon be in print (paperback and digital). I'm very excited about this endeavor of mine that is soon to come to fruition. I have also started on my second book project, which is more or less an historical fiction take on the Korean War. For the past three or four months I have been researching. I've been watching documentaries, war movies, reading books on the Korean War, and talking to war veterans. It has been a learning experience so far and I presume the research period to extend close to the end of the year, if not take the rest of 2014.

It is definitely a much tougher project than my first one, which required no research. It only required me to create scenarios for the action thriller. I do, however, anticipate it to be even more rewarding than my debut.

For my first post back, I won't get into the bad or the ugly. It's just too much for that. Let's look on the bright side of things for a moment. God knows I'll get around to the other two soon enough.

Thanks for reading and I promise (don't hold me to it) to never take this much time off again from posting.