I have memorized many stories from the Bible during my time on this planet. That memorization came from reading the Bible, hearing lessons and sermons, and watching the occasional Biblical drama. I have plenty of favorites, but the one I am about to mention isn't one of my favorites, but I do consider it to be one of the most important, if not the most personally cherished.

When King Solomon was given the throne after David's death, God granted him one wish. Sort of like a genie, huh? He could have asked for anything - wealth, women, power, glory, happiness, knowledge. You get the idea.

To express his current wisdom, Solomon asked for simply that: wisdom. And wisdom was granted him. With this wisdom came wealth, women, power, glory, happiness, knowledge, and just about everything else. He understood the fruit of wisdom. He understood that with wisdom - Godly wisdom - he could make the decisions that would benefit his people and him.

Since hearing this lesson a long time ago as a kid, it has been one of my continual prayers. I don't know if I have become wiser over the years or if my brain is about as wise as the next dummy out there. But I do know that I am wise enough to desire wisdom. To me it is the ultimate virtue. It, apparently, was viewed the same for Solomon.

I wish more people sought wisdom rather than what the world has to offer. When you ask God for wisdom, He will grant it to you and you'll be able to sift through all the garbage this world so kindly bestows upon us. You will be able to see through the wickedness of men, while having compassion and understanding on the hopeless who may be unfortunately tossed in with the wicked.

It would be my prayer that everyone who reads this would take the time to ask God for one thing: wisdom. Even if you don't have anything coming up that requires an important decision, just request it and continue to pray for it.

My advice to you is to never stop asking for wisdom. Never stop asking for more wisdom because, honestly, you can never have enough. Ever. Because even though you grow in wisdom, those fruits that stem from wisdom can easily cloud your vision. Hence the reason Solomon stumbled over the many fruits of wisdom. Soon they clouded his judgement and wisdom became secondary to other things.

Be wise in your wisdom. Sometimes the wisest choice is to wait to make the choice. Wisdom will allow you to see that. Wisdom will allow you to see most things you can't see right now. But a choice that should be currently made is to ask and seek for this great virtue.