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COVID-19 and the Surrender of Common Sense and Human Decency

COVID-19 was to be the most serious respiratory threat since the 1918 influenza pandemic, and “suppression” methods would be needed to mitigate the infection and death numbers. These methods would need to remain in place for “18 months or longer,” until a vaccine could be created.

To Dismay of Democrats, Trump Declines Role of Dictator

When the U.S. Constitution was first formed, it didn’t have the Bill of Rights trailing behind. It took some nudging from George Mason and other Anti-Federalists to get James Madison and the Federalists to add the 12 Amendments, which were eventually narrowed to 10.

Private Industry, Not Government, Is Playing ‘Big Brother’

George Orwell was, as we all are, the product of his experiences. When he wrote his final book, “1984,” it was the final prophecy of what he had already seen.

Churchill, Reagan, and Trump, and the Perception of Evil

Over the course of history, and more emphatically, recent history, nations, in particular democracies, swing on the pendulum between idealism and realism.

A Small Business Owner’s Frustrating SBA Loan Experience

The pandemic has struck many economic nerves, causing excruciating financial pain. One of those nerves has been small businesses, of which I am attached.