Since I can remember, my imagination has been running wild. I was always creating stories in my head and putting them on paper. My parents allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to be. It was this encouragement and opportunity that helped me hone my skills in writing, music, and acting.

My one constant has always been writing. When I was six, I wrote a little story about me beating someone up. I won, of course, and I loved the idea of creating worlds where anything could happen—it was simply up to me to create them. I wrote stories, created comic books, and plays. While in college, I turned my attention to journalism. While a journalist, I wrote my first novel, Fight, a fiction crime noir. Before Fight was published, I began working on my second novel, The Hostile Light, a coming of age historical fiction novel that focuses on the Korean War.


Music has played a very large role in my life. I began singing at the age of 10. At age 15, I won the Texas Teen Male Vocalist Championship in Dallas (1995). Two years later, I won first at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood. Music, however, always felt secondary to me, and I chose to pursue a career in journalism. In 2010, I began to teach myself the piano, and have written songs and performed live shows since then.


I minored in theatre in college. I wrote and directed four different plays during my freshman and sophomore years of college, but I never pursued acting until recently. I have acted in several short films and a TV show. I am currently shopping two scripts for TV.

When I'm not creating...

...I’m reading a good book or watching a good show or movie. Houston has an incredible theatre district that I engage every chance I get. I enjoy staying active, whether surfing, boxing, or just getting out of the house and enjoying a good cup of coffee.