There can be no question where America stands now. It stands on the precipice of something altogether different from what it once claimed to be: a republic.

As we have witnessed the country continue to practically willfully tear itself apart, the words of Jesus Christ, and reiterated by Abraham Lincoln, echo in our ears: a house divided against itself cannot stand.

For a country that had been so strongly built on solid ground―a rock, even―it has been shifted on top of shifting sand. The winds and waves from enemies foreign and domestic have pressed so powerfully upon the house. I pray those words do not come true―”and great was the fall of it”―but it is difficult to see any other path for the republic except for collapse. Our government cares little for the common man and the frustrations felt by the nation’s people have billowed over into outright rage. That rage has been aimed at each other, as political and economic classes accuse each other of the most heinous crimes and intentions. There is so much blame to go around, one runs out of fingers. And the blame, though justified, still does not absolve us from our own errors. We, the people, have willingly entered into this arena, knowing the outcome could never be positive and that it could only lead to our destruction. We have all been taught about courtesy and kindness, yet in the realm of politics, these virtues appear to find no quarter. And politics have now, for too long, become part of our everyday existence.

The famous adage states that all roads lead to Rome, and there could never be a better example laid before the American people than that of the great empire. We have enabled our lust for power, greed and sexual immorality to run so rampant that we never took the time to notice the Visigoths coming through the gates. We only notice them now that they have awoken us while rummaging through our own houses. For too many, however, the response has been to roll over and fall back asleep.

So here we stand on the precipice. The precipice is a choice. The choice has come to choose what we will be moving forward. It cannot be a republic; it must be something else. The constitutional republican democracy we once had is now but a shadow of what we Americans have long called an idea. America: the idea.

We return now to the drawing board of the summer of 1787. We must deliberate as the founding fathers did, trying to nail down with specificity what this country will be. A confederacy of states? A confederacy of regions? A monarchy? A pure democracy? An oligarchy? A dictatorship?

Our most powerful and influential seem to hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in disdain. In fact, they even seem to hold their own edicts in disdain, as they rarely follow their own dictates. The country feels more like a nation of subservience with too many obliging its masters. These leaders―whether political or economical―understand the power they possess. This past year enlightened them to the knowledge that citizens see themselves not as the sovereign of this nation, but as subjects. From the heads of states to the heads of social media companies, each has embraced the role of King George III rather than George Washington.

The courts are no better, each constantly ruling in their own favor, if they even took the time to rule at all. From blatant rights violations to obvious election fraud, the courts―from the lowest to the very highest―avoided their eyes in the name of self-interest.

If the government can strip Americans of their rights when they deem it appropriate, then they will have the power to reinstate them when they deem it appropriate. I submit to you now, they will never find the timing appropriate.  

Politicians and elites have condemned the rhetoric that this election was fraudulent, and so I will believe them. I will earnestly believe that this 2020 election was legitimate in much the same way I earnestly believe John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman. I will refuse to use my own intellect to discover the truth or question the motives of individuals. I will―I must―learn to do as told.

And that is where we are now. At the end of the republic. In a land of cowards who hold all the power. In a world of fools who educate the masses. In a house of slaves who pretend to be masters.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we will be moving forward, I do not know. It is, however, very obvious what we no longer are. While many will choose to roll over and fall back asleep or stand and watch in horror while the house is pillaged, I will be praying for God to restore our house to its solid foundation.

This article was originally published on January 17, 2020 in The Epoch Times and then was taken down the same day.