I have yet to sit and write down my New Year's Resolutions, but I do find that doing so is a very thrilling endeavor. It isn't even so much the idea of keeping them all throughout the year, but rather the idea that I still hold myself in enough regard to know that I can, or at least should, try to be a better person.

Most resolutions do revolve around this idea: be better.

I can't complain about 2014. I made a lot of headway in a lot of different areas - professionally and personally. But let's talk about this upcoming year; tis only a few days away.

Resolutions should really be building blocks atop what we've been working toward all these prior years. I am not a proponent of restating resolutions ever year, like eat healthier or exercise more. These common resolutions we put on ourselves usually drop off nearly as quickly we jot them down. This is not to say that if you haven't started those resolutions, then to abort those ideas. I think, however, we should, as adults, move onto loftier goals than simply eating fewer cookies and throwing in more reps at the gym.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and if social media and the news is any indication, brains are wasting away at an alarming rate. Not so much from the viewpoint of stupidity or ignorance, but from a complete lack of drive. The world beats us down, yes. But taking the beating and accepting the beating are two different choices. I take the beating and move on. Life is harsh. Life sucks. But life is also beautiful and wonderful. Life is promising. Life holds great things, along with its dire straits. As the old fades, the new approaches.

Accepting the beating as our way of life is where many err. The beating becomes life for many, and this should not be. The beating should simply become the "understood you" - if I may use a grammatical reference. "You" or the "subject" may not be in the sentence, but it is understood that it is there. It will always be there. It must be there, for without it, there can be no completion of thought.

Understand that without the beating, we cannot fully reach our potential as people, as individuals. Without heartache and hardship, we cannot hope to understand each other, or life in general. Without the beating, we will never fully appreciate the good things in life. We could never appreciate the unexpected kind word, the lent hand.

Resolutions are about us. It is a selfish idea without selfish ideals. We want to make ourselves better, and that is not solely for ourselves, but for everyone else around us.

Resolve not to be a drain on yourself, and therefore you will not be a drain on others.

Resolve not make excuses when given an opportunity, and others will not have the opportunity to excuse you.

Resolve to be more compassionate and you will help those who never knew you, and may never know you again.

Resolve to be better and those around you will follow suit.

Resolve to take the beating, but not accept it, and you will, in turn, have the strength to help those buckling under the pressures of life.

Resolve to understand that life is hard, but life is hardly worth giving up on.

Resolve to take it easy and accept a little peace in your life, and those around you will feel the peace you have.

Resolve to love and you will be surprised at how many others will love in response.

Resolve to stand up for the weak and you will make others strong.

Resolve to build upon who you have been, even if you must chip away, restructure, or destroy some of your foundation.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? It doesn't really matter if you can't see that you need to resolve to do more than get into shape.

Now to write my Resolutions.