This past Monday night at my weekly writers group, we were asked to either write a poem or find a previously written poem about travel, as we were discussing Walt Whitman and his epic poem "Song of the Open Road." I undertook the task of writing one. I do not write poetry, but I did have an idea that I wished to put to paper.
I've done my fair share of traveling, and so I based this poem on a place I love and about a particular trip I took with a certain companion. It was October of 2012 and I took a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado with my long-time pal, Jasmine. She was my dog of 14 years. She passed away a little over a year later and taking that trip meant a lot to me because I knew it meant something. Perhaps something in dog years. And definitely something to my human years.

We visited Fort Collins, Cheyenne, Estes Park, along with other small stops in between. We fly-fished, ran through the Rocky Mountain National Park, ate, napped, strolled, and even went to the New Belgium Brewery together. It was a special trip to say the least and so I put together a little poem with Whitman as slight inspiration.

Memories for After

Come on! Come on! We go!

A bright and early start for time has nearly left us wanting

You old and yet so young

Young at heart and full of life

Come! Let’s go — you beautiful girl

My companion. My friend. My Camerado!

The roaring hills — the flat lands

The mountains and the flat lands

The deer and the cows

The elk and the crow

The snow and the sun

The wind and the calm

The day and the night

Come now, lovely friend — I have a feeling

I know this will be our last — our triumph to remember

Have a drink with me — have a nap

Fish with me, walk with me

I will talk and you listen — for you always listen well

We’ll find a horizon we prefer

We’ll find a sky we prefer

We’ll find our way through the beaten path — the outlaid path

I will not hold you back

You are free — more free than you’ve ever been

Run, run, run

The wind will push you along your way

Nature will guide you where to go

A weary smile from a long day

A long day journeying, seeing, being, doing, having, living
We will sit a moment — confess whatever needs confessing

I will embrace you because you are my friend — the very best of a friend

A constant companion — even after

Even after

After is not here though

It will wait — it must wait

It will wait for you — I will wait all day, all night

I will not rush this

I know the greatness — the importance of this journey

The sun is not formidable — I do not fear it

It goes down but it will return again

You are here now and after will wait

It will wait for us

Sickness, disease, age — they can wait

Death can wait — it, like the sun, can come around another time

Not now, not here

The hand it shakes will not be yours

Not today and not tomorrow

For the mountain awaits — the hills await

The stream, the deer, the ram, the falcon and hawk,

The day awaits and we will meet it

And the sun will shine on our faces

It will smile upon us and we will smile upon it
For a journey — our journey has arrived

Oh what joy it brings — what memories we will have

Even after you sleep — I will remember them

I will embrace them

And you will live — even long after

You will live

And the moments we have here — the memories we make here — they will remain

They will remain here — even after the sun sleeps

And you sleep

And I sleep

Come on! Come on! We go!