I know it has been three weeks since my last post, but the Houston Astros were in the playoffs and all my time was spent following them. It has finally (sort of) sunk in that we won the World Series. Absolutely amazing season.

Now onto Glasgow. If you read my last post, then you know that I nearly got on the wrong train to get there. But I finally arrived. When I exited the Queen Street train station, I walked out into a large courtyard that was aligned with statues. It also had a very large World War I monument. Facing me was the City Chambers, which was stunning. I stood around taking photos because I still had a few hours before having to reach my Airbnb place.


I continued walking through downtown. Since it was still the September holiday, there were tons of people walking downtown as well. I roamed through the streets toward Glasgow’s Green, which was a beautiful park.

Attached to the park was the People’s Palace that told the story of the Scottish people, especially those of the past 100-plus years. There was also a neat Billy Connolly exhibit.

Outside of the People’s Palace was an ornate fountain that represented the people of Australia, Canada, India, and South Africa.

After I left the People’s Palace, I walked alongside the Clyde River and took photos, finally meandering my way to the apartment. I got the key to the apartment, put my stuff up, took a nap, and then set out again.


When I made it back into the heart of Glasgow, the city was more alive than the few hours prior. By this time, I was really hungry, but I wanted to go to a place that would be memorable. I walked around for about 30 minutes and wound up at my starting point, right in front of the City Chambers building. The restaurant was called The Counting House and it looked like a museum turned into a restaurant. Everything was beautifully designed. The bar was massive. The seating arrangements were beautiful and had exquisite wallpaper. The interior even had a dome ceiling. The bathroom was down two flights of stairs. The place was packed. And for the elegance of the place, it wasn’t pricey.

I wanted a Belhaven Best, but they didn’t have it. I asked what was similar to it and the tender said the John Smith. She was wrong. It was not similar. I ordered the haggis and mashed potatoes. It was very filling.


Afterward, I went souvenir shopping. I went inside a large store and purchased the MacDonald of the Isles Clan kilt. I also purchased a pin with the clan crest, and a coffee mug with the Scottish flag. I also swung by the Gallery of Modern Art (but only the outside).

I grabbed a cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop and then headed back home. It would be an early morning. I would have to be up by 4 am in order to make the train to Fort William. The next day was my trip on the Jacobite Train (the same train from the Harry Potter movies).