So I did some research on the airport at Incheon, where I would land in South Korea, and it is ranked as the second best airport in the world. When I landed, I was planning to visit the several floors there because of all the artifacts, the section dedicated to Hangul, and presentation of royalty (acting, of course), and so on.

Sue (Sang Lee) and I got off the plane and we went through the passport inspection. I went through the Korean side since Sue told me too. She said since I was with her, I would be fine. She was right. It was my first time to be a Korean, and probably my last.

We grabbed our luggage and then she asked some workers where we could see the various floors. They said to check with information. We exited through customs and went to information and asked. They said it was in customs. Of course, now we couldn’t go back in. Son of a bee sting! So I missed that. I’ll just try it when I come back. Maybe.


I’m sure you’ve never heard of the Great Cricket. Most haven’t. It’s a folk legend about a wireless company. I say legend, because it’s not true. I had told Cricket a few weeks ago that I would be in Korea and that I wanted roaming. After some discourse with the rep, he finally gave me a code. This code would be used when I put in a Korean SIM card. My phone would ask me for the code, I would put it in, and viola! It would be all grand.

It wasn’t all grand because the code didn’t work. I finally called Cricket, using Sue’s phone (Skype). The rep told me I couldn’t have a code until I had my phone for at least six months. Pretty lame. Now, the other rep had said that, but then he figured out he could do it. Apparently, he made up a code or something just to get me off the line.

Luckily, I was able to rent a phone for about the same price as the SIM card. Sue really came through in the clutch. She was a huge help to me when I arrived and made sure I knew where I was going in order to get to the right places. The subway systems…they’re taking some getting used to.

Sue and I did have Korean BBQ at a neat little place. That was an experience. You can check out those photos and more on my Instagram feed.

So now I have made it to Seoul. You are going to be really amazed at some of the places I have been to so far. By the way, my feet and legs are killing me. My research informed me that hills are everywhere in this country and that was no exaggeration.