After the very personally significant tour to the DMZ, I walked around the city a little more. I was lucky that the bus dropped me off at City Hall, which is right next to Deoksugung Palace. At the time I was leaving the tour, there was a changing of the guard at the palace, which was pretty neat as everyone was dressed in palace garb.


Leaving there, I decided to take the subway alllllllllllllll the way to Incheon because it was on my list of cities to visit. The subway took about 45 minutes to reach Incheon. When I arrived, I searched for a war memorial I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, I took the wrong subway line and it was too far away to walk. It was already getting late, my foot was killing me, and I was starving.

The subway had dropped me off in Incheon’s Chinatown. Very interesting to say the least, but not profitable to my needs. I took a few pictures and then went into a little restaurant and ate. The food was filling, but now I was simply ready to go back to the apartment. I was beginning to wane.

I thought, though, that maybe I could still make the war memorial before the sun went down. I made the mistake of asking one of the subway attendants how to get to the certain spot. She hardly spoke English (to be expected), but decided to really force the issue on helping me anyway. She helped me purchase a subway card, so I assume she thought I never had. Then she told me to go a certain direction. I got on the subway and went that very direction. I ended up further away from my intended target than I had been.

Forget it! I’m dead tired. I’m going back to the apartment. I got back on the subway, rode for another 45 minutes, but before I went back to the apartment, I stopped by the Dongdaemun Culture & History Park. I had been meaning to go there while things were popping. I made it and it was really cool to see. I got some pretty neat photos from it.

After that, I was drained; but it was my last night. I got home and laid in bed a little while, then changed clothes and decided to go indulge in several of the food vendors’ offerings at the Myeongdong Shopping area.


I got to Myeongdong. I didn’t take a camera. I just went to eat. I planned to only stay a short time, eat and go. Interestingly enough, I stuck to the plan. It helped that my foot was really hurting.

I grabbed an egg bread, which was a cooked egg (about over-hard) on a piece of bread that tasted a bit like sweet cornbread. I should have been eating this every night. It was really good. Then I grabbed three large potstickers. Those were good, but a little oily. Then I ended with a dessert, which was killer. It was bananas, corn flakes, and nutella wrapped in what appeared to be a large crepe. Great finish!

I took the subway back home, took a hot shower, and prepared to leave the next morning. All things packed away. I was prepared to go, but hated the thought of leaving. Oh, well. I can’t stay in South Korea forever. Or can I?