After the UN War Cemetery, Sang Lee and I went to the Busan fish market. First we stopped off for a bite to eat. I had bulgogi, which has become one of my preferred Korean meals. It came with a ton of stuff. I didn’t know until Sang Lee told me, but there are free refills of the side dishes, like rice and kimchi.

We finished our late lunch and made our way to the fish market. We walked inside this large building area that was full of sea life in water-filled containers and aquariums. The place was packed and busy. I got some good photos as we passed along, vendors trying to sell us their products.

We finally stopped at one vendor and had live octopus. Yes, live! The lady chopped up the two octopi and when she laid the plate down, the bits and pieces were still moving. The first one I tried was too long. Much too long. When I tried to eat it, the suction cups on its tentacles were grabbing my tongue and cheeks fighting even until death, and, actually, after death. I tried to chew it quickly, but as I said, it was too long. I spit it out.

From there, I ate much smaller pieces. It was pretty good. More than that, it was very much an experience. Sang Lee and I also shared a bottle of soju.


Right outside of this place was a long line of fish sellers. Their crates littered along the walkway. Women sitting, ready to sell to passersby or chopping up fish or prepping their stations. The photo opportunity was absolutely amazing. The lighting was perfect for manipulating shutter speed. It was definitely a highlight.

We finally exited this section and made our way to the outdoor shopping area, which was much like Myeongdong. I was going to purchase some parting gifts, but nothing looked appealing enough. In fact, every store I have visited, souvenir shops included, have not had anything I wanted to buy. So, Sang Lee and I decided to split an ice cream cone.

While walking, I looked to my right and saw a large Buddha lying down on its side. It was a temple. I had to go in and take photos. It was very cool and rather strange at the same time coming from a Christian background. But I indulge and I enjoy learning about different religions.

From there, we went to a large shopping center, like a mall, and went to the rooftop to get a good view. It delivered an amazing view, for free, unlike the Seoul Tower.

After this stop, we made our way back to Busan Station. It had been a wonderful experience. Something I will never forget. I made it back to the apartment in Seoul around 1 a.m. The next day, Monday, was going to be a relaxing day since, for some reason most places, like palaces and museums, are closed on Mondays.