To be hated or to hate doesn't require anything. It is a selfish act that no one cares for. There is no morality about it. There is no concept of conviction. There, perhaps, is a concept of ignorance or stupidity. And no obligation - to anyone or anything, but the thought of hate itself - is bestowed upon you despite such a personal burden you require only of yourself. It is a burden, of all His required burdens, not even God Himself would require one to carry.

But to love. There is your obligation. People. And the more you love, the more you are obligated. You are obligated, not for entreaties and gifts, but to present love to others and, in particular, that person who loves you. As the amount of people who love you grows, the obligation increases. Don't you understand? You must multiply your love. You cannot stop loving because you have enough friends, or family, or followers. No, you must love because it is an obligation to mankind. For those who love you require only one thing from you - to love.

And you meet this obligation when you see the number grow. As more people love you, understand you are doing something correct. You are fulfilling your obligation. Your moral obligation.