Jan 05, 2016 | life, philosophy

I Hate This Information Age

I would rather live in a different time. I have no extreme qualms about our certain time of existence, but I will not lie and say that I love it. In fact, I rather hate this period of time the world (i.e. America) has found itself in.

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    The Difference Between Those Who Care and Those Who Don't

    There is an obvious difference between those who care about you and those who do not. It is told by their actions and their inactions. Their words play a large role, but not as much as you would think.

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    Beware of Those Who Only Wish to Fight

    There are people who come out of the woodwork for a good fight. They have their tongues rolled like whips ready to strike in your defense or against you. They stand at the door in preparation for ways to break one's spirit.

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    Where Does Kindness Go to Die?

    I am happy to say that I have a large number of friends. I am also happy to say that I know this group will grow. I'm not talking about Facebook, just in case you went there mentally.

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    A Lesson in Black Tar Repairs

    I must have been a child. I say around thirteen. And let’s see, he must have been sixty-six. His boat had found some rocks, which wasn’t beneficial for the fiberglass hull. There were crushed marks where the fiberglass had begun to splinter.

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    They Do Come Along

    I write this post for a friend, firstly, and secondly, for myself. An old friend of mine, by the name of Jake, got himself married Saturday evening. He was one of the final two among my family and very close friends to have not tied the knot.

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    Sex: The one animal instinct that brings us closer to our humanity.

  • Lessons in a Childhood Photo

    I wouldn't say that I hated it, because I know that I loved it. It was only when I tumbled on my face, too covered in thick clothing to pick myself up, did I have a reason to voice displeasure.

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    Don't Settle for the Usual Resolutions This New Year

    I have yet to sit and write down my New Year's Resolutions, but I do find that doing so is a very thrilling endeavor. It isn't even so much the idea of keeping them all throughout the year, but rather the idea that I still hold myself in enough regard to know that I can, or at least should, try to be a better person.

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    There's a Girl I Miss

    One year ago yesterday, my dog of 14 years passed away. I sat beside her as she struggled to finally release her last breath. I sobbed rather uncontrollably because it seemed she didn't want to leave me anymore than I wanted her to leave.