Nov 09, 2016 | life

2016 Election = Open Forum

I remember as a very little kid overhearing my aunt say, “You don’t discuss religion or politics in public.” As a kid I didn’t really understand that viewpoint. Of course, the older I’ve become, the more true that statement has become.

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    Goodbye, Good Boy Jack

    “Whenever you’re ready, you can just knock on this door.” The veterinarian slowly closed the door and left me alone with my dog, Jack.

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    Happy 40th Anniversary to My Folks

    Today marks the 40th year of my parents' marriage. Forty years! What an incredible mark. Curtis and Lynette Bass. You will be hard pressed to find two people more in love with each other.

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    Barbara Nix: A Long Struggle for Eternal Peace

    Yesterday. September 7, 2016. My great aunt, Barbara Nix, was laid to rest. She lived 74 years. You might think one of two things: "That sounds like a full life." Or "That sounds young to die." It's all a matter of perspective, but regardless, you are wrong on both accounts.

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    24 Years Later: The Similarities of My First and Most Recent Olympics

    I was 10 when I watched my first Olympics. I think it was for some pretty obvious reasons. Twelve reasons to be exact: all pertaining to the Dream Team. It was the first time professional basketball players could participate in the Olympic games.

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    Do You Have the Patience to Be Great?

    There is a poem by William Wadsworth Longfellow called The Psalm of Life and its last stanza says this: Let us then be up and doing With a heart for any fate Still achieving, still pursuing Learn to labor and to wait

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    Have You Found Your Purpose?

    Think back for a moment. To a time when you were a kid. Do you remember what you wanted to be? I do. A boy scout and a bank robber. That's what I wanted to be. Unfortunately, neither of those panned out. I am still holding out for one of those.

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    Do You Know Who You Are?

    What scary things we find when we take the time to uncover the truth. I think this is why many people gloss over the truth and prefer to turn a blind eye. Oh, but I'm not interested in discussing politics or social issues. Let's discuss you...and me.

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    Make the Decision and Stick with It

    There are plenty of things I have done and haven't done and they all (more or less) have resided on one specific thing: my decision. What happens with me is decided by none other. Traveling, laughing, drinking too much coffee, writing a book, singing on stage in front of strangers, dating, not dating, not being happy, being too happy, and a whole laundry list of items are decided by me and me alone.

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    It's Not Simply How You Treat Your Friends; It's How You Pick Them

    I'm a big proponent of friendship. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of friends. I try to be as friendly as possible because I believe in the power of friendship. Friendship has brought me through tough times, but not just that, it has made even the good times better.