Dec 31, 2016 | writing, travel, life, speaking, holiday

2016: My Interesting Year In Review

From the 2016 election to the countless celebrity deaths to the wars in Syria to the terrorism around the world to Brexit to “Stranger Things” to the Olympics and Final Five and so much more, I don’t think "interesting" would correctly classify this year: more like polarizing.

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    The Literary Impact of My 2016

    On March 24, 2014, I began a book project that would take me on a journey through a much forgotten part of our American history: The Korean War.

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    My Evolution with Christmas Day

    It’s Christmas Day and I always think of the traditions I try to keep every year: eggnog, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation, lights in the River Oaks, A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre.

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    2016: Justifying Our Worst Behavior

    I suppose you could call this a political piece since politics is the source of our anger. Unless, of course, that would make you even more angry thinking about the possibility of me picking a side in politics.

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    The Deprivation of Opportunity (Part 3)

    This is my last installment of “The Deprivation of Opportunity” series. The idea for this post came from a social media conversation regarding the initial post that got this series started: “The Frightening Accessibility of Poverty.”

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    The Deprivation of Opportunity Part 2

    Opportunity. Where does it come from? Who is responsible for it? I think this question can be answered with numerous and varying suggestions. Some would be right and some would be wrong. Some would be obvious and some far-reaching.

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    Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later

    Seventy-five years ago today America was attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy. It happened 40 years before I was born and so I sit here wondering exactly what I should write in regard to such a historic event.

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    The Deprivation of Opportunity (Part 1)

    America is a two-pronged entity. Not only do these two co-exist, but they actually intermingle. America is both an actuality (of course) and an idea. I will cover the actuality of America first.

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    The Frightening Accessibility of Poverty

    I think most people concern themselves with the possibility of poverty. If you think about it, most people are just one disaster away from poverty.

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    On This Lucky Day: Remember

    I was always told as a little kid to make a wish when you saw the clock sitting at 11:11 whether on the a.m. or the p.m. It was lucky. That was the general idea. If you wished for something at 11:11, it would come true.