Mar 04, 2017 | writing, life, philosophy

Fiction Read: The Winter Hall

This fiction reading is a piece I wrote towards the end of last year as part of a writing assignment in my writers group. Note: This is read in a rhyming pattern of four seven-line stanzas.

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    Honesty in the State of Knowing

    How do we know something is true? How do I know something is true? How do you know something is true? Honestly, do we even care whether we know something is true or not?

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    Abiding by the Laws of Debate (Part 2)

    Whether we like it or not, we debate with each other all the time over the most important things, like religion, politics, and human rights, and the things that aren’t that important, like food, sports, and fashion.

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    Abiding by the Laws of Debate (Part 1)

    I recently wrote a post regarding a negative experience I had on social media. This experience concerned a post about the Constitution and its governing power. It turned into a bit of a problem when too many voices wanted to add their thoughts.

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    The Gift That Is Social Media

    If you haven’t seen the movie “La La Land”, there is a powerful scene at a jazz club where Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, is explaining the essence of jazz and why it is exciting and wonderful, yet misunderstood.

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    Politics and Social Media: Oil and Water

    On Facebook, I recently posted a video created by the UK publication Telegraph and I sit here now regretting the very act of doing so. It made references to the Constitution that I completely disagreed with.

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    Death and the Sound That Is Just So

    A yellow chair. Deep set with high arms. Music in the background. Nothing complete. There is a huddle around the computer and soundboard. Trying to get it just so. Not perfect. For there is no perfect. Music is subjective like that.

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    The Dossier: Journalism’s Distrust Factor

    Not too long ago, I was in the field of journalism. I had graduated with a journalism degree from Sam Houston State University ready to serve justice wherever it was needed. I was ready to bust scandals wide-open and help toss corrupt politicians and billionaires into the slammer.

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    Why We Should All Have Hobbies

    I think I have created a problem within myself that I definitely need correcting. I need a hobby. This is a pretty recent problem for me. Last year, I finished my second novel and therefore turned a hobby into a bit of a career because that was the only thing I was working on.

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    The Old Man and the Sea and Me

    Have you ever read The Old Man and the Sea? It was Ernest Hemingway’s last book to be published before his death. Of course there were a few others published posthumously.