Apr 08, 2017 | faith, life, philosophy

The Objective Subject of Good and Evil (Part I of III)

Good and evil. I think it easier for me to discuss what my concept of good and evil is not, before approaching the subject of what my concept of good and evil is.

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    Death and the Sound That Is Just So

    A yellow chair. Deep set with high arms. Music in the background. Nothing complete. There is a huddle around the computer and soundboard. Trying to get it just so. Not perfect. For there is no perfect. Music is subjective like that.

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    Barbara Nix: A Long Struggle for Eternal Peace

    Yesterday. September 7, 2016. My great aunt, Barbara Nix, was laid to rest. She lived 74 years. You might think one of two things: "That sounds like a full life." Or "That sounds young to die." It's all a matter of perspective, but regardless, you are wrong on both accounts.

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    The Disturbance of Life and the Peace of Faith

    In the life of a Christian, there can be no more misconstrued subject than the subject of faith. What is faith? It is many things. The power to perform miracles or to have miracles performed. The ability to move on through the great stresses of life.

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    The Eternal Trial of 56 Months

    Fifty-six months. What can happen in 56 months? Too much. Much too much. A son can graduate from college. A son can get married. He can have two kids. There are birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, Anniversaries, New Year's Days, moments, mistakes, triumphs, questions, love, love lost, pain, loss, joy, laughter.